Hope everyone is doing alright

If there are any regular readers of this blog, sorry for the lack of updates. I’m personally watching as the Coronavirus washes across the country.

I am encouraged by a lot of companies that have been proactive in the prevention efforts to mitigate the disaster, and to anyone affected by the virus, I hope you have a quick and complete recovery.

Many people have seen a large hit to their personal wealth. The Dow is currently in bear market territory, and if I’m honest, I’d be willing to bet we bottom our somewhere around the -35 to -40% range. We are already at -20, so it’s not really that far.

This is going to be long and painful, so be prepared for a drawn out decline. The 2008 meltdown took about 8 months to bottom, this will most likely take as long.

Just sit tight, this is one of those declines that’ll take a year to recover. Don’t get caught in any traps along the way.

As for me, I’ll be welcoming my first child in May, at what I can only expect to be the apex of the Coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, I didn’t think I would have to recover from the flu vaccine, which is my own personal hell.

If I get the Coronavirus, yinz will be the first to hear.

Good luck out there, cabrónes.

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