2 Best Investments to Double Your Money

2 Best Investments to Double Your Money

When trying to find investments that will double your money, you may be thinking about small and micro cap companies that trade low float, in highly volatile markets like semiconductors and biotech. You may be surprised to find, however, that in 2019, trillion dollar Apple was up nearly 90%. This begs the question; what are some investments that you could make today that could yield you double your money?

First of all we need to think about time frames. It would be unreasonable to think that many of the large cap stocks on this list could bang out a 100% gain within a year. These are companies with market caps of over 100 million dollars. Stocks like these don’t typically double in one year. But, you give yourself a time frame of 5-10 years, with their current trajectory, it’s not impossible to see any of these stocks have a 100% move.

Now, you might think Apple is a bad call for this list, but there is something in common with these stocks that I will get to in a little bit. Apple runs what you could easily describe as total market domination in the smartphone space. Yes, you could try to make the argument that the Androids have enough of a market share to make a dent, but it truly isn’t close. With the consumer base that is rabid when it comes to new products, there is nothing that says a 1.4T company can’t become a 2.8T company in 5-10 years.

Microsoft is another trillion dollar company that has been dominating their sector. Cloud services have been increasing quarter over quarter to the tune of nearly 30%. Cloud hosting and services have helped the top four of five stocks on this list. Storage is going to be a significant theme into the decade, as it were, right now storage is relatively cheap. With the majority of cloud service companies charging low amounts for storage, ultimately these prices are going to be on the rise. Companies like Microsoft are going to remain profitable with products like these well into the future. Microsoft is a very stable company with the ability to double your investment within the next 10 years.

So, one thing that I want to touch on is their overall market cap. Yes, these are trillion dollar companies. The first to do so, in fact. This is significant for a couple of reasons. For one reason, these stocks are at their all time highs. If you read Jesse Livermore, you always want to invest in a company when they are at their all time highs. Objects in motion want to stay in motion, and that also applies to stocks. Investors want to get in on the action. You are going to need a strong hand here, because reporters and other news sources are going to always question these two companies’ continued tear.

The second thing I want to address is that these stocks underwent a pretty serious correction at the end of 2018 and into 2019. They corrected around 25% each, which aided in the huge upswings through 2019. They haven’t been in an unrelenting laser shot at a 45 degree angle since their inception. They have their ebbs and flows, and will continue to have ebbs and flows. However, they will still remain hugely profitable, and have continued inflows.

This brings me to my third point. Microsoft and Apple are some of the largest allocations in all three of the major indices in the US. What this means for the two is that there will be continued capital inflows to these stocks. Think about your 401k. Twice a month or more, your paycheck is going to deposit money into a fund of your choosing. Usually these are index funds that are built by Vanguard or whoever. These funds then invest your money into the market. And guess who is at the top- who gets the most allocation of invested money every time your paycheck deposits? Apple and Microsoft.

There is a new standard. And that is the Trillion dollar company portfolio. There are going to be more trillion dollar companies in the coming years. There is nothing that says they are going to slow down or stop any time soon these are the kind of investments that are going to double your money. You will need to have a strong hand about you, because with companies this large, you are going to be told on a continuous basis that they are bubbles and will collapse. Keep a strong hand about you and double your investment.

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