what would you do with financial independence

What Would You do with Financial Independence?

What would you do with financial independence? Would you travel the world? Fully invest in that hobby you’ve always wanted to sink your heart into? Or would you spend more time with your loved ones? There are many motivators to being financially independent- whether it be breaking the chains of your nine to five lifestyle, or the fulfillment of not having to rely on someone else for your income.

Being able to visualize the endpoint of your journey can be a major motivator on your path to prosperity. If you can visualize where you want to be, connecting the dots can be made much easier. Success is not always a straight line. There will be days where you will question whether your methods have failed or if your path needs adjusting. If there is one thing that I have learned from a life of investing, is that patience is a virtue. When times are good, you will feel like you are invincible. Bulletproof. When times are bad you can feel defeated, like all hope is lost. Hindsight can be 20:20 in these situations. Learn from your past and use it to propel you towards your future.

If you are taking investment losses, consider them the cost of your tuition. Education is expensive. You will learn from your past mistakes and they will make you stronger, tougher and more prosperous in the future. Don’t let anyone attempt to deviate you from your path. There will be distractions– ie. that shiny, expensive new car vs the reasonable and reliable used one that fits your budget. These distractions can be a test to your willpower. I can tell you that adhering to your path can be hugely fulfilling. If you’re striving for financial independence, surround yourself with like-minded individuals and your success will be nearly guaranteed.

We have resources here at The Prosperity Sherpa to help guide you towards financial well-being and independence. Use them!

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