take advantage of trumps tariff missives

Take Advantage of Trump’s Tariff Missives

We are currently in an era where a sitting presidents’ tweets have a jolting effect on the markets. The cycle of go, no-go tariff negotiations with China, the EU and Latin America have increased volatility over the past two years, all the while the S&P has had one of the best years on record (+25% YTD). Use any negative talk of tariff negotiations as an opportunity to snatch up any of your favorite stocks for a discount. The cycle of up down, will they won’t they negotiations that hit headlines are sure to continue into 2020 and possibly beyond, if this president is re-elected.

There will be plenty of chances to get in on this action the rest of 2019 and into 2020. Keep an eye on headlines and the movement of the markets to deploy your capital effectively. The reward could be well worth the risk.

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